Philosophy from the University of Life


June 2014

Sweet love

How do you diagnose that a person is in love, or how do you yourself diagnose the self that you are in love – is it emotional, mental, social, physical or even spiritual; and again what is this LOVE and... Continue Reading →


The Afterlife

Where or what is heaven and hell, and the purgatory in between – do you even believe in such? We`ve heard teachings from our religious leaders and organizations and have read our religious texts, and we are told that all... Continue Reading →

Eddie Makhosonke Zondi

At only 47, South Africa has lost a great legend – Eddie Makhosonke Zondi has died. The last and final time SA heard Bra Eddie`s soothing and soulful voice was on Father`s Day 15 June 2014 on the Romantic Repertoire... Continue Reading →

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