Sweet love


How do you diagnose that a person is in love, or how do you yourself diagnose the self that you are in love – is it emotional, mental, social, physical or even spiritual; and again what is this LOVE and not just love but TRUE LOVE that men are afraid to succumb to and that women often misinterpret and misunderstand?

According to literature love is a noun that describes a strong liking for someone or a passionate affection for another person; and according to the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13, “4Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated, 5it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it does not brood over injury, 6it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. 7It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8Love never fails if there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing.”

Have you ever experienced this or do you even believe in all this? To some is just another Cinderella story and to others it`s real life.

In my honest opinion, love does exist and it doesn`t have to heart – we as human beings need to let go of preconceived ideas of what love ought to be and stop complicating things by saying this and doing the opposite – we just need to let things be simple – be yourself and talk to God and things will definitely fall into place.
Nowadays the words “I love you” are overrated, sound cliché, sound like a bad pick up line and have really lost their meaning. Falling in love has become a mythical creature and is outdated – but the truth of the matter is, is that it still exists and not for certain people but for everyone – as long as human beings are not extinct love does live.

Huh? The creation of mankind was done out of love from God so love is as old as the world is and still goes around just like the world spins – the day the sun stops to shine or the world stops spinning then we can honestly believe that love has died.

Yes, the events of the world these days are very cruel, inhumane and make love to be a lie but who is to blame for that – simple, me and you. We have become so self absorbed and selfish that our hearts which are the root of humanity have turned into ruins. And how exactly has the human heart turned into ruins? – it is our ignorance of God`s voice and the ignorance of the messages from the universe.

So again, how do you know that you`re in love to a point where you take the final step of making a lifelong commitment to someone of marriage? If you can`t stay angry at him/her for a long time, if you can forgive without guilt or persuasion, if you can relate to him/her across all platforms of life, if you like what you see in him/her using the eyes of the soul, if he/she can restore what was lost in you by just knowing you and if you are seen in him and he is seen in her in the positive and even in the negative light THEN you have reached your love destination till death do you part. That will make loving him/her as simple as loving yourself and you will never feel out of place or feel out of character.

All this, is part of loving yourself through another person and finding God`s voice, love and remarkable creation in your better half.

So next time when you utter the words “I love you” really mean what you say and say it from the heart; never fear to love because you yourself are love itself.


The Afterlife


Where or what is heaven and hell, and the purgatory in between – do you even believe in such?

We`ve heard teachings from our religious leaders and organizations and have read our religious texts, and we are told that all this is in the afterlife – heaven is that good and serene place where all good souls have gone to and hell is that place where all the bad souls burn in the fire of the devil.

Here`s my take, I believe that heaven is a state of the soul which is satisfied with how he/she lived their life on this earth and hell is obviously the opposite – a dissatisfied state of soul.

Then this brings us to the Judgment day – do you stand in line for your turn to have a big book of events read to you in front of a higher being and then questioned on some things you did wrong then that will determine the fate of your soul – heaven or hell?

I just think that Judgment day is that day when the word “dust to dust, ashes to ashes” are uttered and your life on earth is played back to you, and your soul gives reason and account of all the events that took place in your life – what stands is that were you happy then in the land of the living and is your soul happy now for having lived like that or is your soul regretful and guilty.

Hence the words REST IN PEACE, said and understood that a person`s soul has left the trials and tribulations of this world, fought their battles, some won and some lost and has now been put to rest forever in an undisturbed place of the soul away from human life and closer to the Higher Being or God.

That`s why people who are gifted in connecting with souls or spirits that have crossed over never get told about the afterlife, it`s all about what the spirit`s message to those they`ve left behind. I don`t think there`s a huge secret to the afterlife, it`s just like not knowing what the other person is thinking or what`s in their heart until they act on it – meaning that if you consult with mediums regularly and always your loved ones come about as always happy, then you can conclude that they are indeed happy in the afterlife and they are where we know is heaven and those spirits that don`t emerge or who are always sending a complaint or dissatisfaction as a message might be thought to be in another place except for heaven.

We will never know what happens in the afterlife until we ourselves experience that for ourselves and unfortunately we won`t live to tell that tale.

Eddie Makhosonke Zondi


At only 47, South Africa has lost a great legend – Eddie Makhosonke Zondi has died.

The last and final time SA heard Bra Eddie`s soothing and soulful voice was on Father`s Day 15 June 2014 on the Romantic Repertoire (slotted at 15h00 – 18h00) on MetroFm at exactly 17h50. In this man we have really lost the godfather of music – he knew how to make us laugh, cry and heal through music and he had a remarkable gift of relating with people he didn`t even know.

From hosting the 21h00 – 00h00 radio show on weekdays, The Obsession to hosting the 15h00 – 18h00 Sunday radio show, The Romantic Repertoire – Makhosonke was always outstanding at what he did best – music.

Makhosonke we will miss your humble and bubbly self, the presence of that distinct and soulful voice of yours on radio, your serene choice of music, your flare for style and your laughter. You always knew just the right songs to play for the millions of us who listened to you, day after day and Sunday after Sunday.

You`ve left an unexpected and devastating void in our lives, in the broadcasting fraternity and in the world – and one thing is for sure, no one can ever fill that void. How I wish that I could wake you up from the deep sleep that you have slipped into just to love you more but I guess it`s finally time for you to rest in eternity.

Mr. Zondi, your spirit will live on in our hearts and in our memories of you. You`ve lived a remarkable life and we thank God for having afforded us and you 47 years to have lived together on this earth and even though we would`ve loved many more years with you, I guess God also needs you amongst his choir of angels. We`re all guaranteed a loving a guardian angel in you and I hope the heavens will allow you to continue with your love of music even in the afterlife.

Our love for you will never seize because of death, it will only grow stronger in the anticipation of seeing you again, and I hope your spirit will indeed rest in peace because we know not where you`re going but I hope the angels will love you the very same way that we will always love you with.

From you Bra Eddie we`ve learnt something that will also help us honour your memory – “LIVE TO LOVE and dedicate your life to what you love the most”, in your case you had dedicated your life to music, your career as a DJ, your wife and being a father.

We thank you Nondaba Gagashe, for having invited us into your life with the music you played for us – we got to know you and in turn you knew us. We`ve celebrated life with you and now a part of us has definitely died with you. Words cannot start to explain the pain that we feel of losing you, and we don`t know how will life be from now on without you but we trust that even from beyond the grave your ballads will keep on playing.

My sincere condolences to the MetroFM family, to the Zondi family and to the entire nation – even though Eddie Makhosonke Zondi has left this world, death be not proud!

Mrs. Zondi, please take care of yourself and know that your husband always lives in your kids` beautiful souls – whenever you hug or kiss them, it’s a hug or kiss to uBra Eddie. To you, he will never die because he lives in his kids and to us he lives on in his favourite ballads.

Eddie Makhosonke Zondi was born on 06 Oct 1967 and on 16 June 2014 he died from an apparent heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Phakamile and his 3 beautiful kids.

His memorial service was held at the Standard bank arena in JHB on 19 June 2014. He will finally be laid to rest on Sunday 22 June 2014 – the funeral service will be held at the UJ Soweto campus from 08h00 to 12h00 then the final burial rite will be at the Westpark cemetery in JHB.

Until we meet again Makhosonke, lala ngoxolo Nondaba Gagashe.