The Afterlife

Where or what is heaven and hell, and the purgatory in between – do you even believe in such?

We`ve heard teachings from our religious leaders and organizations and have read our religious texts, and we are told that all this is in the afterlife – heaven is that good and serene place where all good souls have gone to and hell is that place where all the bad souls burn in the fire of the devil.

Here`s my take, I believe that heaven is a state of the soul which is satisfied with how he/she lived their life on this earth and hell is obviously the opposite – a dissatisfied state of soul.

Then this brings us to the Judgment day – do you stand in line for your turn to have a big book of events read to you in front of a higher being and then questioned on some things you did wrong then that will determine the fate of your soul – heaven or hell?

I just think that Judgment day is that day when the word “dust to dust, ashes to ashes” are uttered and your life on earth is played back to you, and your soul gives reason and account of all the events that took place in your life – what stands is that were you happy then in the land of the living and is your soul happy now for having lived like that or is your soul regretful and guilty.

Hence the words REST IN PEACE, said and understood that a person`s soul has left the trials and tribulations of this world, fought their battles, some won and some lost and has now been put to rest forever in an undisturbed place of the soul away from human life and closer to the Higher Being or God.

That`s why people who are gifted in connecting with souls or spirits that have crossed over never get told about the afterlife, it`s all about what the spirit`s message to those they`ve left behind. I don`t think there`s a huge secret to the afterlife, it`s just like not knowing what the other person is thinking or what`s in their heart until they act on it – meaning that if you consult with mediums regularly and always your loved ones come about as always happy, then you can conclude that they are indeed happy in the afterlife and they are where we know is heaven and those spirits that don`t emerge or who are always sending a complaint or dissatisfaction as a message might be thought to be in another place except for heaven.

We will never know what happens in the afterlife until we ourselves experience that for ourselves and unfortunately we won`t live to tell that tale.