The wife

He cheats on you over and over again but he swears by God that he loves you – really, how stupid does he think you are and you also think to yourself that how gullible can you be? The truth of the matter is, he does love you and you also can see that but something is just not right.
The reason he cheats on you is that you are a 4/5 for him, if you can`t come up with that 1 to make it 5/5 he will definitely go out and find it. Men just like women have a list that describes their perfect partner – the only difference is that they don`t carry it on their faces they carry it in their hearts.

It’s very rare that you will find a man leaving his wife for his mistress, it’s difficult for him to leave his wife who has it all except for one attribute he wishes she had for a woman who has only one attribute he likes in her entire being. So the “I`m going to leave her for you” isn`t necessarily true – firstly he doesn`t spend that much time with you to know the real you – for all he knows you`re worse than his wife. From you all he needs is the 5 second adrenaline rush you give him when he`s around because you`re just not his the “nagging” legitimate wife. What he enjoys the most is that he has no said obligation to you, you’re the “other woman” thus he`s at liberty with you, his responsibility to you is minimal compared to his responsibilities to his wife and that excites him; if you decide to grow a conscience while fooling around with him, that`s the end of you and him.

It is common that men cheat sexually but that`s not always the case. Even though an affair never remains just emotional, some men just go out there looking for emotional comfort because the wife has turned into a monster, but we all know that an affair always ends up being physical.

So ladies, what do men really want in a wife or a prospective wife – what kind of a woman becomes the illustrious madam? to be continued…