Ex drama

Can you ever be civil with an ex without feeling obliged to do so as a result of something bonding the two of you together like a child/children, sharing business interests or having someone in common – the only thing you two having in common being the history you share? Some people say that they have their favourite ex, that one person who`d even be included in their last will and testament and some say that if they never saw the person ever again, the world would be a better place.

But when you sit down and make an introspection of that lost relationship there should be those memories and times with your ex that you`d love to cherish, those reasons that made you fall in love with him/her in the first place – hence the saying “hate the actions and not the person”. Sometimes being “civil” with your ex is really an understatement, at times you have to go down the long dreaded path of forgiveness and make peace with the fact that the person you thought you loved and they loved you back has actually left such a huge gash in your heart and being “civil” just doesn`t cut it.

It`s funny how people today have a long list of exes yet our parents and grandparents don`t own an ex lists they just have their wife or husband who was once an ex and is now their lifelong partner. What has changed over the years, have we become impatient or are our egos over fed or are we simply not willing to act civil because that would make see us as being submissive?

Maybe it all depends on the reasons why you broke up, but fact remains that when you parted ways hearts were broken and words were said – I bet that`s how Toni Braxton`s “I wish” and Beyonce`s “Best thing I never had” came about, the drama of an ex. But as much as revenge tastes so sweet and you`d like to see your ex squirm, the person is simply not worth it.

Anyone who can hurt you or heal you and in everything we do, we learn.