Who You Are To Him 

1. Consecrated concubine
Without being immoral men want their woman who will fulfill all his sexual needs and pleasures. He wants you to turn him into Tarzan in the bedroom by being wild and creative – be a sex goddess.

. Confidante
He again wants his woman to be someone he can truly open up to, to talk to her about everything without fear of being judged or scorned. A woman who he trusts will keep things confidential without being reminded and he also needs a woman who is committed to him alone in mind, body and soul.

3. Companion
If you are a woman who talks less and listens more, then you`re his heaven on earth. He needs you to be understanding even though the situation at hand doesn`t make sense. He needs you to be his best friend.

4. Creative climate controller
A woman who makes it her sole mission to make his dreams come true and makes her man`s dreams hers without compromising herself or their marriage is who he longs for. He wants a positive thinking woman who will boost his self confidence and get him enthusiastic about life. Be his cheer leader and pay him compliments at any given time.

5. Conscience
He needs his woman to be his advisor but retaining the spirit of gently correcting him – be a kind conscience.

So ladies, these are the main characteristics that a man expects from his woman – if you`re short of even one of these he will still love you and he will probably not leave you but your marriage or relationship isn`t mistress proof.