Philosophy from the University of Life


September 2015

Ashes to Ashes

Death is one such topic that most but not all people usually refrain from engaging in as if it`s almost a taboo subject, because for some it instills fear in them and for others it brings back horrible memories and... Continue Reading →


Separate lives

“Marriage is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly and in the fear of God”. These days most people enter into marriage unadvisedly, lightly, irreverently, indiscreetly, “drunk in love” and forgetting about... Continue Reading →

His message

The person who came up with the saying “actions speak louder than words” must be a man, because this is true of men – their actions do speak louder than their words. A man will repeat one mistake over and... Continue Reading →


We go out into the world in pursuit of happiness but most of the time we come back with nothing if not with more misery - why is that? The problem is that people hold on to a concoction of... Continue Reading →

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