We go out into the world in pursuit of happiness but most of the time we come back with nothing if not with more misery – why is that? The problem is that people hold on to a concoction of pain and most of the time we are hesitant to confront the cause of the pain so that we can get closure.

For any unhappiness you`re  experiencing  in your life blame no one else  but yourself. You are the person  who has chosen to hold on to that person who brings nothing but misery and regret in your life, you are  the one who has chosen to hold on the memories of a painful period or situation in your life, you are the one who has  chosen to hold on to a irreparable situation, relationship or marriage with the hope of it working out and you are the one who has  chosen to pretend that everything is alright whereas nothing is working out. Some people don`t know how unhappy they are because they`ve learnt to live with the pain that`s in their lives and they know no other life than that to be able to differentiate between happiness and misery.

Happiness is nothing but a healthy feel good state of the mind and emotions and the only way to unchain yourself of the shackles of unhappiness is by letting  go of whatever or whoever unsettles your  heart. Do not be terrified to love and be loved, invest in nothing but the truth, build your relationships and friendships on trust and learn to give not only other people but yourself as well and you`ll know what happiness feels like.