His message


The person who came up with the saying “actions speak louder than words” must be a man, because this is true of men – their actions do speak louder than their words. A man will repeat one mistake over and over again until his partner gets the message whatever message that might be.

It`s not enough to catch him in the act and then get him to sincerely apologize and beg for your forgiveness with gifts – if you don’t get to the root cause of his cheating then you haven`t solved anything despite the apologies. As his partner, you might want to be seen as a saint on earth but how much can you endure before you get it that he`s sending you a message of some sort?

His cheating may suggest that either he feels that you`ve neglected his needs and wants your attention, he might feel insecure about something and would like for you to set the record straight, he might be having inner conflicts and he wants you listen to him, he might find it hard to open up to you and would like you to be more of his confidante or he might just want to part ways with you and he prefers the “easy” way out.

It would now be up to you if you can or are willing to read whatever message he`s communicating to you with his cheating and if you`re willing to give him the answer he wants or will you ignore everything, forgive him and continue blaming yourself for nothing.

If you`ve been in the relationships sphere long enough you will have realized that men have a particular fear of letting go of a relationship without an alternative – it`s either he`s been eyeing someone who herself has being showing some kind of interest in him from a distance or there is someone already. It`s very rare that he`ll break up with his partner and stay single for a while unless in his previous relationship he was badly hurt to a point where he thinks he`s done with women.

A man is the raw and realistic part of a relationship, he will bring out the best and sometimes the worst in you, force you to face the truth about your inner and outer self, he will make you build and break friendships and family relationships and a whole lot more just because you can`t understand the messages he`s sending to you.

So next time your man cheats on you it`s either you send him away and don`t look back or if you care that much to forgive him first understand why he really did it no matter how painful it might be to you – it`s another way of self discovery for the both of you.

Cheaters find it hard to change because they went on for too long in their life being misunderstood, misinterpreted and not called to order in relationships, that’s how the habit of cheating became a norm and he eventually adopted it as character trait.

It`s not psycho-analysis, it`s simply part of the truth.