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October 2015

My Fair Lady

In his track titled “Miss. Independent” Ne-yo says “…she wants you but doesn`t need you…” – this is the kind of woman that exists today. Today we`re in an era of women who have rights, privileges, opinions and who can... Continue Reading →


The One

When eagles mate up, they maintain their relationship forever, so the female eagle carefully chooses the male eagle. When a male eagle shows interest, the female gives him many tests. First test is the visual test. They fly up, down,... Continue Reading →

Self murder

When we are born into this world the most precious gift of all is bestowed upon us by the Creator, the gift of life – what we make of our lives is up to us. Life will present a person... Continue Reading →

Dead End

In life we go into relationships hoping that it`ll be forever, that we`ll be separated by only death from our partners – but usually some other thing force a relationship apart. Some get married because they thought that at that... Continue Reading →


Who cheat the most between men and women? According to society women are prone to cheating rather than men - do you agree with the answer? First let's get to understand what is cheating. Cheating is exposing intimate emotional and... Continue Reading →

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