Who cheat the most between men and women? According to society women are prone to cheating rather than men – do you agree with the answer?

First let’s get to understand what is cheating. Cheating is exposing intimate emotional and physical details about yourself to someone other than your partner – this intimate exposure will ultimately develop into feelings that will lead you into temptation, whether it’s lust or love.

Men should know one important thing about women – women love attention. They enjoy being paid compliments, they like being made to feel as if they are queens even if it’s by the touch of a hand or a smile, they love being bought gifts, they love being called from work and they love it when their presence is being felt and appreciated.  And as a sign of appreciation for such admiration women will flirt with their admirer. The problem arises when this admiration comes from the wrong man – if as a man you don`t pay the necessary attention to your woman someone else will do it for you and that`s how the cheating starts.

Women don`t like being used but some men have unfortunately  hacked their psyche and realized that as long as you buy her a diamond necklace or send her a bunch of flowers at work  as an apology or after a night of passion she`ll be putty in his hands – that`s how some women get confused about being  loved and appreciated and being bribed. If the only time you get presents it when you`re angry and you only hear the words “I love you” after sex then you need to send you partner off to chivalry school.

Note to men –  the fact that a woman is your girlfriend or wife  doesn`t make her invisible to other men so make yourself the reason she smiles every day and then she`ll be all yours. You don`t need to do it with money, a woman would simply smile the whole day as if she`d won the lottery if you`d just say “that colour gives your skin an amazing glow”.

You`re woman will not have time to listen to other men because the man that matters to her is saying all the right things.