Dead End


In life we go into relationships hoping that it`ll be forever, that we`ll be separated by only death from our partners – but usually some other thing force a relationship apart. Some get married because they thought that at that time getting married was the best thing to do, some do it for the sake of the kids, so they don`t grow up in a broken family and some do it as one of life`s rites of passage; those who get married for the real reason of love are like a needle in a haystack.

The question then arises, how do you know that the relationship has hit a dead end and it`s time to call it quits?  When you live together apart, when you look at him/her and you feel empty, when the smallest of misunderstandings cause a volcanic fight, when the love isn`t strong enough to extinguish the anger, when you bring out the worst in each other and when one partner is much happier away from the other partner then you definitely know that your relationship has died and the only thing that`s keeping it alive is the life machine of hope and it`ll only be a matter of time before one of the two partners decides to switch the machine off.

It is true that letting go is the hardest thing any person who has ever experienced love has had to do – the pain of detachment will result from  the fact that you were once one with your partner  in mind, body and emotions, the parting of ways will feel  like a part of you has died and left you paralyzed.

Marriage counselors will usually say that if the both of you are willing to work things out before jumping  to conclusions then you could reverse the falling apart of your relationship/marriage – but we all know that you can only endure walking on hot coal for a certain period of time, you can`t do it for the rest of your life. Sometimes parting ways is the only solution to retain your sanity and happiness and at times it doesn`t mean that you hate each other but you`d be better apart.

In a case where there`s children involved, ask yourselves this question “do our kids deserve dysfunctional parents?”, if the answer to this question is yes, then you might`ve become a parent in a wrong time in your life but if it`s a no then try and fix the situation even if it means separating from the other parent. Kids will forgive you for leaving as long as you never forget about them but they`ll never forgive you for lying to them.

It is better to leave while you still have life in your body rather than to leave lifeless.


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