Self murder


When we are born into this world the most precious gift of all is bestowed upon us by the Creator, the gift of life – what we make of our lives is up to us. Life will present a person with love and hate, truth and lies, good and bad and right and wrong – some will defy the odds and some will break.

The question is what kind of person breaks and how do they deal with the disappointments and defeats of life? People who get broken by life are usually those who aren`t patient enough and are easily paralyzed by fear, and they usually resort to suicide as a solution to solving their problems.

According to Holy texts, suicide is blasphemous – that`s why in early times before laws changed, the Catholic church would not carry out burial rites for a person who committed suicide nor would they be allowed to be buried in the church`s cemetery. According to human rights every person has the right to life and even though suicide isn`t a criminal offence, the act is still contrary to the right. On the other hand euthanasia and assisted suicide are controversial subjects. As for society, they consider suicide as a cowardly act carried out by an unfaithful person to the teachings of life and they believe that a person who has taken their own life doesn`t deserve to be grieved for.

It`s amazing how people who commit suicide have the guts to face the unknown in the afterlife but fail to face what`s known to them in the land of the living. The life the person decided to end wasn`t granted to them by themselves, that life was given to them by a Higher Being who had other plans for that person on earth – we don`t know what happens to those souls who`ve deliberately gone before their time, maybe a person who committed suicide at 25 years and was meant to live up to 90 years will have their souls walk in the dreaded dark for the coming 65 years before reaching their final destination. Them having committed suicide wouldn`t have solved anything it would have rather cause an irreversible problem of being a restless soul.

Rather than embarking on an unknown mysterious journey rather stay on earth and face the music as you try and search for answers that seem not to exist, God will see you struggle and He will send you help as long as you believe in His power. For those who don`t believe in God, it`ll be high time that you believe in a Higher Power Who gave you life, believe that if the problems you`re going through are meant to kill you, you weren`t be the one to do the killing something else will happen to cause your death.

If you`re contemplating committing suicide or thinking that dying would solve your problems thinking of those people who are lying in that deep, dark and cold grave who would do anything to come back to life and say “I love you” more often to the people they love or who would come back to life to make more wiser decisions.

You only live once, so make the best of it and savor every moments of your beating heart, you have a lot to learn and teach the world.