The One


When eagles mate up, they maintain their relationship forever, so the female eagle carefully chooses the male eagle. When a male eagle shows interest, the female gives him many tests. First test is the visual test. They fly up, down, slow, and fast checking the male’s strength and dexterity. If any problems are found, she will abandon him and find a new mate. She also tests strength of the male by dropping sticks high in the sky. She will continue to do this, each time dropping a larger stick. If the male fails to catch the stick, the female will abandon him and find a new suitor. The reason why these tests are so important is because when the baby eagles fail to fly, the male has to catch them and bring back to the nest. When she finally admits that the male is strong enough to protect the babies, she mates with the male.

What do you look for in a prospective partner?

They say don`t go for looks because looks can be deceiving, don`t go for wealth because it could fade away – rather go for someone who makes you smile because only a smile can make a  dark day seem bright. Knowing what puts a smile on your face will make it simple to know what kind of person would make a perfect partner for you.

The rule of the game is this –  don`t put your prospective partner in a mould or check him or her against a list you`ve drawn up  of what your  “Mr. Right” or “Mrs. Right” should possess – don`t try and bring a figment of your imagination to life, there should be a clear distinction between a fairytale and real life. In real life people are perfectly imperfect – they  have a past, they make mistakes and they deserve second chances and the sooner we accept this in our pursuit for lasting relationships the easier it will be to find and maintain them.

When you look for a person to be your partner look for someone who will be your confidante (someone you can trust that he/she will never judge or scorn you),  your companion (someone who will make sense of senseless situations), a thinker (someone who possesses positivity in mind, who will be your support system without compromising themselves) and someone who will be your conscience (a gentle corrector and advisor).