My Fair Lady


In his track titled “Miss. Independent” Ne-yo says “…she wants you but doesn`t need you…” – this is the kind of woman that exists today. Today we`re in an era of women who have rights, privileges, opinions and who can do things for themselves – does chivalry still have significance in such a woman`s life?

If a woman can afford to buy herself an AMG do you still see the need to open the door for her or if she`s the CEO of multi-million rand, dollar or pound company do you still see it necessary to call her at work and ask how her how`s her day been?

No matter how much power a woman possesses in her life she still measures the quality of a man by the degree of his politeness towards her – if you can still pull out a chair for her after she waltzes into the restaurant with a Gucci bag she bought for herself then you prove to her that a woman to you isn`t just about cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids she`s also about being cherished and respected.

Chivalry is also about courtliness. Leave money out of the equation, when you approach a woman don`t use sex as a show of love immediately after meeting her – using sex and money to impress a woman just makes you look like a pimp and not a gentleman. When you see a woman you like, introduce yourself and get to know her a bit better, it doesn`t have to happen all at once just take your time, that way she`ll also get time to think through if she`ll say Yes or No to your proposal once you put it clearly to her. Courting a woman is all about trying your luck of love, it could be a Yes or it could be a No from her all you have to do is to accept whatever answer you get. As much as you wouldn`t bribe a judge in a court of law to rule in your favour don`t bribe her as well with whispering sweet nothings in her ear just gunning for a good time between the sheets – that`s not what being a gentleman is all about.

No matter how much a woman feels in control of her life, one thing should remain the same – men should be the ones who go down on one knee and ask a woman to marry them not the other way around – Eve was made from Adam`s rib so that she could help him, that’s where chivalry all began.