Time to say goodbye


When you find the one you love, hold on to them and don`t ever let go…

Relationships are like an elastic band; it stretches, retracts and changes shape constantly. An elastic can break and be re-tied but now it has a knot – once a relationships breaks it`ll never be the same and most of the time the change is of a negative nature.

It`s very difficult and almost impossible to leave a relationship when things start going right after a “storm”, you always want to stay and savour the moment; but what happens to you when things go wrong again? The heart can keep a person in a lovely situation and it can also keep you in a very destructive situation.

Just because a relationship mattered to you doesn`t mean it was a good thing; just because you love a person  doesn`t mean that you have to tolerate “deoxygenated love”. Sometimes letting go is the only way to show a person that you love them – “staying” can be an idea brought about by fear and/or societal pressures. Walking away doesn`t always mean you`ve given up it can simply mean that you are taking away the chance you both have of hurting each other if things go vile in the relationship.

What warrants a walk away? Firstly Acknowledge the relationship and make an honest assessment of it – is it good or bad especially for your well-being; secondly Accept your role in the relationship`s dysfunction if any and lastly Act, if your happiness is compromised start walking. You don`t need to launch a “terror attack” on the other partner, just embark on your new journey with a smile.

Yes, it`s easier said than done because it`s never easy letting go of something and someone you love but if that someone and something you love has already let go of you just reciprocate it – rather love from a distance if the need arises.

One of the rules of life is that we shouldn`t go around burning bridges, love and life are unpredictable.

Love does not obey our expectations, it obeys our intentions – Lloyd Strom.