Grasp life by the handlebars


This is the opening post for 2016 and it`s also a tribute post to a very dear interpersonal relationship in my life – I thought I should change gears a bit this new year and give the world a sneak preview into my life.

Life events like the death of a loved one and the birth of a new member of the family gets a person thinking about the kind of relationships you have in your life – are they bitter, sweet or sour?  I have a couple of noteworthy relationships I could shine a light on in my life, but for now I want to shine the limelight on a mesmerizing one.

4 years ago at the funeral of a fellow church member I finally got the opportunity to put a face to the name of the very charismatic gentleman I had been told stories about (all good of course) a couple of years ago – (for the sake of this post I`ll call him BO). What stood out for me about BO and that remains memorable was how he instantly became comfortable in my presence as if he had been long prepared for us to meet. As a social norm after such an alluring meeting between two people contacts will be exchanged and constant contact will be kept; but that didn`t happening with us, we parted ways on that day after our meet and greet only to meet up again after 15 months. As usual he was as charming and charismatic as when I met him – at least with our second encounter I got his contact number but it was on a professional basis; to his dismay I contacted him after a good 6 months. On the day that I called him he sounded very giddy and that was the start of preparing the ground for the cultivation of growing a rich friendship, if you may call it that.

In all of us there is a sleeping or half awake dimension of ourselves that is waiting to be fully awoken by someone or something – BO “rang the alarm”, he sharpened my intuition and bolded my spiritual dimension. I once went through a flurry of dreams about him, all showing me one thing, his death. I started consulting different dream interpreters, they all couldn`t come up with any specific interpretation except telling me to pray for the divine protection over his life. I immediately started praying to a point where my mind would just switch off from things happening around me and I`d silently start praying in my mind and my heart. Thankfully none of the things I saw in those dreams ever happened to him.
I thank BO for being chivalrous with his life and opening the door for me to walk into his life by narrating the things that happened and are happening in his life both good and bad. Sometimes I`m forced to be his voice of reason and comfort but I never mind it because I manage to do it with a smile, that’s how most if not all of our conversations end in laughter.

I could go on and on about how meeting BO has taken the both of us on such an exclamatory journey but for now I should probably stop the horse carriage right here and I’ll stop it by saying that the mere-exposure effect gave birth to this interpersonal relationship. This relationship is like a lair where we both retire to when the whirlwinds of life have drained our souls and it is also a place where we celebrate each other’s achievements and happy moments. I`m happier just knowing BO and if one day I find myself questioning the existence of God I will not look any further than this relation with BO – our paths crossed when we least expected it.

It`s through relationships like these that life makes more sense and can help a person to find even the most difficult answers to situations that seem impossible to handle.


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  1. Bo…your friendship /relationship is worth having as for Bo he is able to open up to you than to any other person in his circle of life …keep on doing a good work …keeping that relationship growing Laurie

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