PhD in Sisterhood


Sisterhood is a bond that goes beyond a blood relation; it is the coming together of two or more women who have a lot in common. Sisterhood is about staying during times of sickness, in dark edges of mourning, during a divorce etc; sisterhood is about being responsible about a friend`s feelings even when the foundation of the friendship is crumbling. Sisterhood is about accepting a girlfriend`s flaws and taking in your differences in a pursuit to create something beautiful; sisterhood is about being present in a friend`s life through deed and words in good times and bad. Sisterhood is respect – NO should mean NO and YES should be YES between sisters; sisterhood survives on peace, love and laughter – conflicts between girlfriends are resolved politely. Sisterhood is about having standard and class, friends are mature towards each other. Sisterhood is eternal, the friendship between girlfriends is something that should be enshrined deep inside – it`s a soul to soul thing between sisters.; sisterhood is to fight and be a voice for a sister in situations that leave her without a voice. Sisterhood is about being able to shape-shift and be able to walk a distance in a another sister`s shoes with understanding and not complain.

A lot of women’s souls bear the sisterhood scars, things that were done to them by other women – these are the scars:
GOSSIP – a girlfriend will confide in another things that run very deep within her soul; her fears, her dark past, her mistakes, her erratic ways etc. and what the other sister is suppose to do is just listen and keep those secrets to herself. Some so-called friends will go behind a sister`s back and sell those secrets at the corner of the street, and they`ll call themselves your friend.
JUDGMENT – some friends who have a bucket loads of low self-esteem will become a girlfriend`s judge, jury and executor instead of being her support structure.
BULLYING – some women who are insecure will turn their friends into minions and will not allow them to express themselves in the best way they know how.
JEALOUSY – some friends who aren`t ambitious enough cannot stand seeing another girlfriend conquer the world and instead of singing her praises they`d rather disfigure her image with lies.
HYPOCRISY – the “preacher’s wife” friend who lives two lives will tell her other friends how to live their lives, this just being a ploy to destroy other people’s lives just that they become lost like she is.
HATRED – such a person is a “frienemy”, they’re a wolf that waltzes in a sheep skin, she considers a sister’s existence as a curse in her life – she can’t accept that no two are the same.
BETRAYAL – there’s no greater stabber in the back like a deceitful  friend who sleeps with your man, in her mind she thinks that your man is best suited for her, she’s a user. She’d help carry out an assassination on who she pretends to be friends with.
SELFISHNESS – this friend is the one who never shares anything worth sharing with her sister circle, everything has to be about her, she`d do anything to another woman just to get her out of her way if she poses any kind of  threat that might outshine her.

This redefinition is caused by the unhealthy competition that happens between women – they compete on things like their level of independence, their careers and even the type of men they date/are married to. Women forget to build meaningful friendships with other women so that if money leaves her coffers overnight she has a girlfriend who`ll bail her out or if she loses her job and gets her professional reputation tarnished she can has a sister who`ll hire her at her company or if her man sleeps tonight loving her and wakes up the following morning no longer loving her she`ll have a friend who`ll help her to pick up the pieces and move on.

One of the problems women have with each other is that most in their lives are pretenders, they present a fake self to the world, and they wear masks and hardly ever let the world see the real self. There`ll be Jessica the mom who`s nothing compared to Jessica the wife and Jessica the colleague is a complete stranger to Jessica the friend and so the list goes on. The fight breaks out between women when the woman who knows that the other is pretends blows her cover.

The other problem women have is that they seek approval from other women – no one gives approval in your life except yourself, so forget about another`s opinion and live like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s not allow anyone to punch holes in the sisterhood, the sisterhood is what makes us women.