His Wiring


Ladies, do you really know how your man is wired?

Men don`t like being nagged, they don`t want to be ordered around, they don`t want to be talked at and they definitely don`t  want to be yelled at. They go from the calm sea they are to a tsunami – all the yelling and talking literally makes them feel like they`re on the brink of having a nervous breakdown, and because of that, whatever you`re hurling at them will be bounce off the wall of defense they’ve emotionally build in their head – resulting in the well known notion that men don`t listen. If you want him to listen talk to him at a time when he’s less distracted – you can always turn the bedroom into the boardroom when the need arises.

Men are like infants, a mother knows that when a child cries like this they`re hungry or when they cry like that they`re sleepy – it`s the same with men, they have their own way of communicating with the woman in his life, he just needs her to get in touch with her “maternal instincts”. Men want a woman who processes his preverbal anxieties and will return them in a tolerable form to make him feel more secure, cared for and loved – that’s what builds the relationship.

Some women have a tendency of putting on make-up, not on their face but on their personality – a man falls in love with that and when the time comes for her to wipe off the make-up, the man starts getting confused as to who did he really fall in love with. Men love originality and they are in touch with reality – that`s why they sometimes come across as loving sport or cars more than they love their women. In sport e.g. soccer, a goal is a goal and the way in which the goal was scored will be highlighted over and over again so that no suspicions are drawn – and with cars, the leather finish of the interior is indeed leather and not plastic.

They always say absence makes the heart grow fonder – give him time with the boys, they’re networking the men’s way but he’ll eventually miss you. Show him that you’ve got confidence in him that he won’t do anything that’s out of line, if he knows he’s got your trust breaking it even if you don’t see him will make him feel guilty so he’ll refrain from the monkey tricks.

As much as men want their women to be in touch with their “maternal instincts”, they don`t want to be mollycoddled – they`re grown men with egos, don`t do anything to bruise the ego. Just feed him in and out of the bedroom and make sure that he`s well groomed.

Lastly ladies, a man may want to keep his position as the sole provider but he appreciates his woman to independent, his woman should want him not need him – she must have her own trade, after all behind every successful man stands a successful woman.

This isn`t about women turning men into gods, it`s only about acting like a lady and thinking like a man. Try it, it works like a charm!