To you I give


It’s amazing how the little things we consider insignificant can cause grossly disproportionate damage – those little foxes that do great harm to the vines.

We see people choosing not to get married, some cohabit, others get married but their marriage ends up in a divorce even after many years of being together and we also have those who cheat on their partners. The root cause of all of this isn’t something as big as the ending of the world but it is something as simple as the lack of submission.

Often when people think of submitting themselves to partner they think of it as stupidity, slavery, patriarchy, emasculation or abuse. For some people that might be a reality but this isn’t the true definition of submission between two people who love each other. Submission is about you unconditionally giving your heart to your partner.

Submission starts with SELF-DISCIPLINE. There’s all kinds of temptations in the world and now and then a person will be subjected to a temptation which could destroy their marriage or relationship – an individual needs to be able to suppress their desires for the sake of the wellbeing of their partner. Be a responsible someone.

Submission is a show of MATURITY. You should understand that giving yourself to your partner doesn’t mean that your subjecting yourself to something negative and in turn your partner shouldn’t think they’ve been upgraded to a demigod/goddess. You’re submitting yourself because of love and love should be reciprocated.

Submission is about being NAKED. When you take off your clothes to make love to your partner, you submit yourself to the pleasure and passion. You must then take this nakedness a step further, you need to be naked (be transparent) when talking to your partner – be trustworthy and honest, don’t be a pretender.

Submission only happens when there is WILLINGNESS – without willingness it is no longer submission, you’re being subjected to slavery and everything negative. Give of yourself because you want to not because you’re forced to.

Put all this in an envelope of love and seal it with a kiss.

The glue in every relationship is submission, your willingness to do anything for your partner wholeheartedly shows unconditional love, the kind of love most needed in every marriage/relationship.

Let the other heart be the rhythm and let the other be the echo.