Cure Of Life


We often confine love to just romance but love also has healing properties, it is a natural remedy which heals every ailment known to mankind no matter how big or small it might be.

A friend of mine and his colleagues once witnessed gruesome killings at work during a salary increase strike – unfortunately one of the colleagues suffered a nervous/mental breakdown due to the trauma. Thanks to the love his wife gave him during his state of instability he made a full recovery. That love encouraged him to fight for his life – the healing properties of love restored order.

On the other hand, just a couple of days ago I buried someone very close to me who lost his battle to cancer. We all agree that the cancer might’ve been stronger than him but what weakened him even further is the fact that his wife failed to love him the way he deserved to be loved.

These two situations made me realise that love is paramount in every person’s life and that no one deserves to be alone.

In a world where every heart lives in pain, we often get asked “What is true love?” – know from now on that true love is the affection a person experiences from another person which restores the true self from an affliction. If the presence of a person doesn’t restore health to an imbalanced situation in your life then that person hasn’t brought love into your life. True love is also a healer – if the love you give or receive doesn’t rejuvenate, transform and cleanse a person from the inside out, then something else has disguised itself as love. True love is also a compass, it leads you in the right direction. If you lose your direction in life or are led away from yourself yet have it in your mind that you love someone or you are loved then you haven’t encountered the truthfulness of love.

Be generous in giving love and be open to receiving love – know that the absence of love can kill you but the presence of love can cure you.