His Cry for Help


There is nothing that hurts me like seeing a man cry. I’m not talking about those who were caught cheating, those who cry when drunk, those who cry when their favourite team has been beaten or momma’s boys – I’m talking about those who you’ve never seen defeated even though they find themselves in a defeating situation. I do not see it as a sign of weakness but I see it as a sign of deep rooted pain.

People often wonder as to when will men learn to ask for help, and the answer is simple – men will learn to ask for help when society, their families and their partners are ready to give them bread when they ask for bread instead of a snake to eat. How do we expect our men to openly ask for help when they’ve been demonised so badly in society – when they’re seen to having ulterior motives whenever they say “Hello”? This curling up of theirs like an Armadillo when it senses danger is a protection mechanism, they’re protecting their hearts from hurt and they’ll never uncoil until they sense that the danger is gone.

The best way to get a man to open up is by trusting him and showing him that he can trust you. When you put trust in someone you greatly increase their ability to have faith in themselves and achieve beyond measure.

To have a strong fibre of men society should refrain from having preconceived ideas about men – society should stop falsely accusing men and sending them to time behind bars of helplessness. Women should stop thinking that every man who talks to her wants to get underneath her skirt, mothers should stop teaching their daughters to fear their fathers, not every man is a rapist and not every man is a dog. And let’s try and not give life to the “men and women can’t be friends” saying, there’s more to men than just sex.

A word to the ladies – when a guy comes on to you and you feel that he’s not in your league let him down gently, don’t make him feel like he’s subhuman. Some may be able to handle being chewed up and spat out but others will habour that anger of rejection. Such things are what breed rapists, alcoholics etc. in some men.

Men just like infants, “cry” whenever they want something and it’s up to the infant’s mother to know her baby’s cry and with men as well, it’s up to his woman to know what his cry for help sounds like.

There is nothing complicated about men.