Be True To Thyself


With every day which comes and goes, it’s increasingly becoming harder to trust people and for some people it’s becoming even harder to trust themselves. People continue to make wrong decisions when it comes to different spheres of life because they fail to listen to their gut feeling, some have even lost the ones they love because they didn’t trust what their emotions enough. Human beings have become accustomed to lying to themselves.

When it comes to being true to ourselves there’s a lot we can learn from the animals we were given dominion over. Despite the fact that global warming has altered the natural patterns of nature, animals are themselves all the time. As an example, a pig always portrays pure pig behaviour, it never does anything out of its character – whether you bath a it in perfume or put lipstick on it, it will always go back to rolling in the mud – this is because this pig is supremely comfortable in the scheme of things. This goes for all animals. Humans aren’t always this true to their nature, we struggle with comfortability in our own skin in today’s multifaceted society, this in turn leads to us staying in unsatisfactory jobs or accepting relationships which are ill suited for our personalities.

We need to reinstate the trust in ourselves and we can only do this if we use animal survival tactics. We need to COMMUNICATE – animals communicate for various reasons like hunting for food, warning others of danger and attracting a mate. We too should get in the habit of communicating with our specie to avoid misunderstandings, to make our intentions known and to have successful relationships with our families, friends and partners.

We have to use our INSTINCTS. Just like in animals, our instincts are engrailed into us when we’re still developing in our mothers’ wombs. Animals are born with natural instincts, that’s how beavers know how to build a bridge or how elephant calves can run around after a couple of hours of being born. We too are born like that but we need to train that instinct further, we need to awaken our intuition and we need to be conscious of our gut feeling.

We need to be INTELLIGENT. Even though as human we were made to have dominion over all animals the level of human intelligence does not hugely exceed the level of intelligence of animals like dolphins, apes and dogs. It is for this reason that we have to go to school to gain further knowledge – that’s why there’s a clear distinction between those people who have gone to school and those who haven’t. School teaches people a lot of things thus making education paramount to human kind.

Everyone has to have a STRATEGY. It is usually said that in the wild it is the survival of the fittest. Animals always have a certain way of doing things they have defence, hunting, resting and mating strategies. We too also have to have strategies which will get us through life, things like having morals and values and staying true to them.

We have to be able to CAMOUFLAGE. Animals use their ability to go unnoticed in their surrounding environment to hide from danger. We have to have that same ability to make our weaknesses unnoticed to be able to survive in life’s wilderness – fake it till you make it.

We’re not only like animals but we are animals, we are animals with the peculiar advantage of having both instinct and reason at our disposal. So we have the capacity to fuse both morality and instinct to maintain our tame nature and not be raw and rogue like animals in the wild.

Human beings shouldn’t be afraid of the power they possess – everyone should use their power of attraction, their power to choose and their power to love to the fullest, this will definitely help everyone to be true to themselves.

As Jennifer DeLucy says “If nothing else in this long and short life, let me be true to my conscience, to the dignity of my own heart. Let me act in a way that says, I have honoured my spirit as truly as I have honoured others. Let me stand tall and rooted as a mountain in the face of a quaking world.”