Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb


It all starts with the morning sickness, the weight gain, the bottomless pit appetite, the swollen ankles, the backache, the heartburn, the tiredness, the insomnia, the countless trips to the loo, the raging hormones and the final cherry on top, the labour pains. But even after all this nine months of hell, the most sacred and breathtaking moments in a woman’s life happen during pregnancy. The birth of that angelic bundle of joy makes jumping through all those hoops of fire worth it. I once heard a man say that he wished that he too could fall pregnant and go through all this just to experience the awe of bringing a life into the world.

A woman will feel the greatest of pain when her man cheats on her, she might even lose her sanity if her husband divorces her but there is no greater pain in a woman’s life like not being able to fall pregnant, not being able to carry a baby to term, suffering a miscarriages or having to bury their child at any age the child might die at.

Even though Eve got women punished from generation to generation until the end of time but upon those very women the Creator has bestowed an indelible gift, a gift of being a vessel of life and for this gift every woman should be thankful. The best thank you a woman can give the Creator is by taking care of herself – treating her body like a palace and not a pigsty; another show of gratitude is by taking good care of the child pre and post birth. Give him or her the best love ever, protect them and most of all teach them about the greatness of the Creator.

To those women who have been told that they can’t bear kids of their own, wait upon the Lord. To those who are soon-to-be mommies, recognise with great appreciation the blessing you’ve been blessed with and to those whose womb hasn’t been home to God’s angel(s) as yet, keep the home warm and hearty for the baby(ies) arrival.

Allow me to say this, women are definitely angels of life on earth – this is our calling.