Who You Belong To


A reading from the book of Ephesians 2: 19 – 22 “Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong.”

Human beings have a way of making the other feel unloved, even the very people who delivered you into this world and were entrusted with loving you – your parents, can make you feel worthless.

Every time we attend funerals the one leading the funeral service will remind us that we are dust and that one day to dust we shall return. Yes, we were moulded from the earth’s clay, but who breathed life into us and gave us a purpose in life? It is God the Almighty, the One who grows a child in a woman’s womb for nine months, the One who keeps time moving, the One who never repeats a single day in your life, the One whose voice reverberates in the sky when rain approaches etc. This is the Being to whom we all belong.

You are of sentimental value to your Creator – you’ve been given a purpose that’s why you are important, you are loved and safe that is why you’re still alive right now despite all the bad things you’ve been through.

Whether you’re paraplegic, blind, deaf etc. you do have a purpose that’s why you were created that way – the Creator has put you on this earth the way you are to teach other people to live with someone different to themselves, you are teaching people how to live an elastic life. And those who go through life feeling unloved, trust that there’s someone out there who loves you in silence that is why you’re still alive – no one has publicly professed their love for you but you being alive has an impact on their life, that is how God has made things to be.

Sometimes people entrust themselves to a broken person who can perfectly pretend to be fine – later in life that person will break you so that you look like them. The creator is the only one who can properly take care of their creation, the curator can try to take good care of the creation to the best of their abilities but the care will lack something provided the curator adores the creator of the creation – the best lovers are those who have a well looked after relationship with their God.

Remember you were created for a purpose with love and passion – you are loved and you are important. You are of sentimental value to your Creator.