His Conscious Is A Woman 

Conscience is beyond reason and discussion. It is an immediate dictatory command to delve deep into the depths of virtue or to rise high above the level of immorality. Your conscience is adorned with truth, justice and courage. Your conscience gently warns you against something like a friend or teacher before it punishes you like an executor.

Cowardice asks, “Is it safe” Greed asks, “Is there any gain in it?” Arrogance asks, “Can I become great?” Lust asks. “Is there pleasure in it?” But conscience asks, “Is it right?”

This is what, among others, a woman is to the man she’s committed to – his conscience. Her obligation is to advise and correct her man out of kindness. She shouldn’t emasculate her partner, try to change him or even haunt him with guilt and judgment – all she has to do is lead him in the right direction of life. 

Now because most women don’t know and understand the position they hold in their partner’s life they’re forever complaining, talking and nagging. Such a woman makes her partner feel like he’s carrying around a murderer’s conscience, he feels like he’s possessed by a demon and thus he feels tormented. He will then resort to avoidance and find refuge in something which will calm his mind – this could be something like alcohol or even another woman. 

When a woman is always “noisy” her husband she starts turning into a whirlwind conscience – she consumes his thinking and overrides his love for himself. She seeps into his consciousness and it starts distorting how he sees himself, he gets distracted in all avenues of his life, he starts going around offending and picking fights with people – he turns into a monster, he sinks into episodes of paranoia and he sometimes withdraws from society and lastly, a man with such a woman in his life never succeeds in anything.

A man’s mind is as quiet as a monastery, that’s why they come across as if they’re ignorant but they’re rather like silent waters which run very deep, and no one wants such peace to be disturbed. If a woman wants her man to stick around and always listen to her she has to tone it down a bit or else he’ll run away like a deer who’s heard a gunshot in the forest – he’ll definitely put his sanity first.

Sometimes men just want to admire their women’s beauty in peace – let them be allowed to do so.