Madame Peace

Some women think that all a man wants is for her to drop her panties whenever he gets home – he’d probably love that but he’d also love it if his woman had inner peace. He needs his woman to be unflappable – a woman who exudes an inner calm in the most trying circumstances, a woman who lives in the here and now, someone who’s gentle and accepting of herself and others (not be threatened by another woman). And most of all a woman who is slow to anger.
Everyone has their fair share of fears, insecurities and past pains but we have to find ways of quieten those inner storms – “Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

A person who has inner peace will be healthy mentally and physically, they’re confident, they have better relationships with others and they have a more intense and colourful experience of life.

To attain that peace of mind one has to be clear as glass when it comes to resolving issues on a personal and professional front – tiptoeing around issues, sugar coating things and sweeping others under the carpet will only leave a person with an uneasy spirit and that’s the enemy of inner peace.

A person needs to accept a person for who they are or accept a situation for what it is and then surrender, if they indeed want to have inner peace. Every relationship will at some point hit a wall, to find a solution on how to get around that wall can only be found if there’s no flailing about and tension. It’s always wise for a woman to unhook themselves from a situation so that they can view things from a detached perspective.

Taking full responsibility for how one react to others shows that she has peace of mind. Other people don’t make another person behave in a certain way, a person chooses their behaviour. Some women are prone to creating problems and crises in men’s lives – this is a typical person who lacks inner peace, they feel anxious, unsettled, and rarely content. Small misunderstandings morph into major issues. In trying times an unflappable response could save a relationship.

For one not to disrupt their peace a woman should become aware of and sensitive to feelings rather than ignoring them. She needs to deal with any uncomfortable feelings, if such feelings aren’t dealt with they will come back in more unpleasant ways and really disrupt your peace within herself and within the relationship. 

Peace is kept by being truthful in a relationship. A man’s mind doesn’t live in a soapie, he needs his woman to be real with him. He needs her to lay the truth on the table in the most gentle and authentic way. A woman who is truthful to her integrity brings to herself peace of mind.

Every woman should know their higher self. She should be able to tell the difference between her self versus her mind, ego, needs or past experience. She should take time to understand who she really is, what her values, her goals, her joys and passions are. Such a woman will not mimic anyone, she’ll always be authentic. That’s a woman who’s at peace with herself and a woman who every man would love to call his love.

We all know about how society perceives women who are corporate giants or business oriented – they’re known for not being able to keep a man happy. These are women who are hinged to adrenaline. An adrenaline lifestyle can be soul damaging – such a woman is constantly overworking and her relationship tends to come second.  For peace of mind a woman in such a state of life needs to slow down and let go so that she can have time to attend to the things which matter the most – her family, her marriage and herself. 

A woman who’s at peace with herself isn’t intimidated by another woman, she doesn’t put herself down and whether you’re more educated or richer than her she’s not shaken. And such a woman always wears a smile on her face and her heart is full of love, kindness and compassion. This the kind of woman every man dreams of. 

You might wonder as to why is so much pressure put on the woman – it’s not pressure, it’s nature. According to the biblical narrative a woman was brought to life when the man was asleep – so for as long as the human race exists women will always be more conscious and awake than men. 

Inner peace is not reserved for woman who are in relationships, every woman should have inner peace for her sake and for the sake of others.

Let Elizabeth Gilbert take you on a journey to inner peace in her book Eat, Pray, Love.