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A reading from the book of Ephesians 2: 19 - 22 "Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong." Human beings have a way of making the other feel unloved, even the very people who delivered... Continue Reading →


It all starts with the morning sickness, the weight gain, the bottomless pit appetite, the swollen ankles, the backache, the heartburn, the tiredness, the insomnia, the countless trips to the loo, the raging hormones and the final cherry on top,... Continue Reading →

When we start out in a new relationship we wish for it to be forever - sometimes it does become forever and at times things come apart. There is nowhere where it's written that you need to act like a... Continue Reading →

With every day which comes and goes, it's increasingly becoming harder to trust people and for some people it's becoming even harder to trust themselves. People continue to make wrong decisions when it comes to different spheres of life because... Continue Reading →

There is nothing that hurts me like seeing a man cry. I'm not talking about those who were caught cheating, those who cry when drunk, those who cry when their favourite team has been beaten or momma's boys - I'm... Continue Reading →

It is said that love doesn't ask why it simply speaks from the heart and it never explains. It doesn't think twice, it can come all at once or it can whisper from a distance. Some people will tell you... Continue Reading →

When love arrives in a person's life that human vessel which delivers that love is suddenly adored and glorified, and a demigod is created out of that person. People then start praying to their partners with words like "I'm nothing... Continue Reading →

We often confine love to just romance but love also has healing properties, it is a natural remedy which heals every ailment known to mankind no matter how big or small it might be. A friend of mine and his... Continue Reading →

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